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Polly Lancaster

Struggling with self-defeating habits?  Tired of yo-yo dieting?  Suffering digestive disorders? A NEW YOU beckons!

I have over 20 years experience as a successful professional therapist creating tailor made nutrition plans so you can be the very best you can be!

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21 Years of Experience as a Personal Trainer, Therapist and Nutrition Advisor.

I have had a keen interest in food since childhood, working on the family allotment.  I grow most of our vegetables on two allotments.  Exercise is also a passion.  I became proficient through regular training at step aerobics and now I enjoy Pilates training both in class and at home.  I believe great nutrition and regular exercise are essential for a healthy mind as well as body. Please click the button below to learn more about me…

What I Offer for a Great Lifestyle:

Nutrition and Diet advice, Meal plans, Exercise advice, Stress Management, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, and Hypno/Psychotherapy.
Therapies and nutrition advice are available from our consulting and treatment room in Baldock, Hertfordshire.
Remote consultations via skype/whatsapp etc. also available.

Nutrition Coaching

Individual help and advice on the optimum nutrition plan for your circumstances

Lose Weight

Achieve and maintain your ideal lifestyle weight without starving yourself or fad dieting

Cooking Resources

Practical help and advice with recipes and meal plans to help you achieve and maintain your goals

Sports Nutrition

We can help serious athletes achieve optimum fitness with personalised plans

Balance Mind & Body

We can help you achieve a more relaxed and positive state of mind

What People Are Saying

It's happy Clients who make it all worthwhile!
We are delighted to have Clients who have been with us for many years...

"I have been seeing Polly every month for nearly sixteen years. I have regular deep tissue massage, together with reiki. Polly has also provided me with meal plans to help with weight management. Polly is a thorough professional and I can highly recommend her."
Nigel R
Business Owner
"I have been visiting Polly for over 15 years. I have attended for reiki, reflexology and massage with separate sessions as needed but also had combined sessions for a really impactful treatment.

Polly will always find the trouble spots and work on them…my results over the years have been amazing.

I find the holistic view taken really works for me with the reiki a great way to balance the body and reduce stress and help to relax.

Reflexology is a great all over body treatment addressing those hot spots you weren’t aware of. The massage can be as deep as you want really getting to the issue."
Lynn H
Finance Specialist
"Polly is very skilled at her job and keeps herself informed on a wide range of subjects to do with human physiology and nutrition. More importantly, she listens to her customers and has good common sense."
Valentine S

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