Deep tissue massage Baldock Hertfordshire

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a therapy designed to correct muscular/skeletal imbalances.  It does this by first releasing the superficial muscles enabling the therapist to reach the smaller deeper muscles.  It is a very powerful and effective massage.  The effects last longer than more common massage and it’s great for sports injuries as well as back problems.

Reflexology Baldock Hertfordshire


Key structures and organs in the body are connected to thousands of nerve endings in the hands and feet known as reflex points.

Reflexology stimulates the neural pathways (and hence the organ) when pressure is correctly applied to them. This in turn acts to release any blockages and restore circulation and lymphatic flow to aid flushing of toxins.

Reiki Baldock Hertfordshire


The therapy of ‘life force energy’ is possibly the most amazing of all therapies and it is incredibly powerful!  Read on to discover why you need to try it.

You won’t be disappointed!

Stress management Baldock Hertfordshire

Stress Management

We are all  subject to stress in our lives but for some it can become overwhelming and even dangerous. 

We are able to use a number of positive techniques and therapies to help alleviate the  symptoms of stress leading to a more productive life.

Hypnotherapy Baldock Hertfordshire


The human mind is a most powerful organ. It can operate in ways which are positive for our wellbeing but also work negatively leading to distress in our lives.

We are able to employ powerful techniques to re-balance the mind and create more positive outcomes for your life.