Covid 19 Testimonials

Some really helpful reviews from our Clients...

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From Hannah:

Thank you so much to Polly for my first session back since Covid-19. The information provided beforehand was very helpful and put me at ease. From the moment I arrived I could tell lots of thought and effort had been put into preparing everything to be safe, comfortable and to follow the government guidelines.

As usual the session was amazing and I am very pleased to have you back up and running again! I would encourage anyone who is in need of an appointment not to worry about anything and book in!

From Lynn:

I visited Polly for the first time since lock down for a much needed back massage. The deep massage was brilliant as usual but also great to see the steps Polly has taken to make it a safe environment”

From Anne:

Thank you so much Polly for the massage which has, as always, really helped my back niggles. I love the combination of massage and Reiki. Over the years you have taken care of me and the problems my Still’s disease can throw up. Your experience is amazing.

This time I saw how seriously you took protecting your clients (and yourself) with safeguarding measures against the pesky Covid 19. I felt very safe and wouldn’t hesitate to tell people not to be anxious about going to your home and treatment room.

I look forward to my next treatment with you!

From Sarah:

Just a quick line to say thank you for all the care and attention to detail on my visit last night ensuring that all visitors and of course yourself can remain safe during the current pandemic. I felt 100% reassured that you had implemented the governments guidelines and would tell anyone who is concerned about visiting not to worry, the benefit far out way any risk. As you know I am very nervous about going to places, not for myself but for the “oldies in the family” so am being very cautious.

From Martin:

I have been a client of Polly’s now for over twelve years and this was the first time since the start of the pandemic that I had been to see her for treatment. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about going. I needn’t have worried. Polly was, as usual, her conscientious and professional self. Her house, and studio, was set up to ensure that the client felt safe, and comfortable, from the second they walked through the door.

The first thing to happen was that your temperature was taken, to ensure you are well enough for treatment.

A face mask and sanitizer were then provided before going into the studio. Bringing your own towel ensured that there was no possible risk of contamination from one client and another.

Treatment was as normal as it could be under the circumstances, and after it finished there was more sanitizer to be used before leaving.

The whole experience was maybe a little different compared with what it had been pre-pandemic but at all times I felt comfortable in the knowledge that Polly had done everything possible to make sure that her clients were safe at all times.”

From Bobbie:

I have just had a treatment with Paula, the first since before ‘lockdown.’

From the minute I arrived, my confidence and reassurance with regard to COVID-19 and measures put in place, were completely confirmed. I knew Polly would have everything 100% in place, which she did, from sanitisation at every point, through the touching of anything, door handles, surfaces and also a diverse selection of masks available. The arrangements in the treatment room were thorough and meticulous.

I have never felt safer or more relaxed.

My treatment as always was delivered with the ultimate professionalism, balanced along with Polly’s calm, relaxing approach which was just what I needed and missed.
I can not recommend Polly enough, please be reassured that you are in for a wonderful treatment which delivers every time and that the whole experience is both positive and beneficial on every level.

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We’ve added some images of the treatment room below – so you will know it when you see it!  The only difference is it has been stripped of soft furnishings to comply with Covid19 requirements. 

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