Exercise Classes

Exercise is a vital part of any lifestyle plan and will not only help you achieve your goals quicker but it will help you maintain your target weight.  Be sure to check with a qualified medical professional before you embark on any exercise program and seek out well qualified instructors.  Here are a few suggestions:

Pilates exercise Baldock Hertfordshire


Pilates is an excellent low impact exercise which helps you develop a strong core, flattens your tummy and tones your body generally.  It is based on precise controlled movement and is surprisingly challenging. Completing a movement slowly and under control is harder than you might think!  It is easy to practice at home – all you need is a mat.  Classes are usually small and fun too.  Just make sure you choose an expert instructor -they really do make a difference.

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Yoga exercise Baldock Hertfordshire


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originate from ancient India. There are many types of Yoga but the most commonly practised style is Hatha Yoga. The discipline of Yoga incorporates both physical exercise with mindfulness. The benefits of Yoga are many but include; better posture and flexibility, weight loss, improved body tone, stress relief, increased energy, a better body image and improved sleep. Like Pilates (the two have a lot in common) classes are often taught in small groups. Once taught you can practise anywhere!

Gym exercise Baldock Hertfordshire

Gym Classes

Gyms and gym classes seem to be springing up everywhere!  So if this is for you there’s no reason not to go.  The range of equipment in most gyms now is amazing!  It’s come a long way from just pumping iron. It is vital that you get proper instruction on how to use the equipment to prevent injury.  Seek out good trainers.

Walking exercise


Walking is great exercise and it’s recommended that we all walk at least 30 minutes a day.  Dog owners tend to live longer!  The great thing is of course that it’s free and low impact.  It’s also a great de-stressor for the mind. 

Team Sports

Team sports are great physical exercise undertaken in a competitive environment.  Great for mindfulness, achievement and good socially too!