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This is a short introduction to the  ideas behind WLC and why we are different.  Click the image to learn more.  introduction

Please read this to see what you can do.  Click the image.  how to use wlc

Following your consultation we have calculated your energy (calorie) target as well as your Macro targets.  To learn more click the image:  Diet and freedom image

It is vital that you look after the health of your gut and the gut microbiome. Check out the videos on this page to see why.  click the image.

your microbiome

We have produced a number of helpful videos explaining Macros, Micros and more.  Click on the image to learn more. macros and micros

There are differing ideas when it come to this topic.  Click the image below to see your options.

Weight loss can reach a plateau for a lot of people.  This really interesting article explains why.  Click the image:

Weight loss

It is vital that you understand your energy input vs output and compare this to the target set.  In the short-term this means tracking your calorie intake and exercise.  After a while you will become ‘calorie aware’ and will instinctively know what a certain amount of calories looks like on your plate.   When you get to this point calorie counting becomes intuitive and you can stop doing it.  Click the image below to learn more about tracking: 

You could be forgiven for thinking one calorie from one source is the same as a calorie  from another. But it may not be.  See why here:  Healthy breakfasts

Snacks can be a lifesaver but they can also sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Read more here:


Water is heavy stuff! Discover 7 reasons why you may be carrying water weight and what to  do.  Click the image.


We have made a video about this common condition.  Click the image.


Please visit here for our 30 minute all body workout and knee strengthening videos  Resistance band strength training

Your weight will fluctuate daily depending on many factors.  See why you shouldn’t worry about it here:

Weight loss ups and downs

Certain foods keep you feeling full more than others. Discover the foods that will help your weight loss. Click the image:

How to feel full