wlc mobile shortcut

How to set WLC as a phone app

Setting up the Weight Loss Central login page as a shortcut on your phone’s homepage is easy to do. Once it is set up all you have to do is tap the icon to login – and you only ever need to put your password in once. Future logins can autocomplete.

Just follow this easy set up guide.

Left:  First of all:  Weight Loss Central is a group of pages on the LifestyleDiet.Space website – so please find that first.

Middle:  Click on the website menu to open it.

Right:  Click on the ‘v’ arrow on weight loss central – then click on weight loss central login.


Left:  Now that you are at the login page – just fill in your details and tick the box ‘Remember me’ underneath the password box.

Next: on an Android phone click the 3 vertical buttons top right to reveal the drop down box. On an iphone go to the bottom and click the rectangle box in the middle of the phone with an arrow pointing up.

Middle: Look to second from bottom on the list and tap ‘Add to Home screen’. That’s it!

An icon will appear on your phone – just tap it to login.

Right: The next time you login just tap the box to put your name in and the autocomplete page will show up. Just tap ‘Continue’ to login and go to the Welcome page.