How To Use Weight Loss Central

The short answer to this is – anyway you want to!

Weight Loss Central has looked at all the factors that can affect a weight loss journey (not just calories!) and broken them down into bite sized Topics.

These Topics are spread across all three Sections in such a way that you can ‘dip in and out’ whenever it’s convenient to you. So for example, you can quickly read a Topic in your breaks at work or in a quiet 20 minutes at home, on the train or anywhere.

We do recommend that you watch the videos in the ‘What are Macros and Micros’ and also read the Topic ‘Why weight loss can plateau’ early on – they will help you. Both can be found in the ‘Get Started’ section.

The information is presented as short videos, articles and explanatory infographics. Don’t forget also the downloads Topic which is in ‘Embrace Your Lifestyle’. Here you will also find some calorie counted recipes (we will be expanding this Topic over time).

We aim to make your weight loss journey informative and fun at the same time. Enjoy!