John H Review

John Harris medals
John Harris gold medals

John wins two gold medals!!!

“As an experienced runner, I have been frustrated at the deterioration in my running times as I have got older, both on and off the track.

Unfortunately, although my training kept to a plan, my food and drink intake didn’t! I often felt lethargic when training which impacted my performance.

I decided that in order to maintain my standards, I needed to change my diet.

I therefore approached Polly at Lifestyle Diet Space.

I had an initial, very thorough  consultation, which included my current diet, likes and dislikes, proposed training schedule, forthcoming competitive races and desired 4lb weight loss with subsequent required weight maintenance at my competitive weight.

Based on this consultation, Polly not only devised a daily food and drink plan for me (taking into consideration my training and competition timetable), she also provided food recipes and instructions how to cook these meals and tasty energy snacks.

I stuck to the plan (which included targeted calorie intake based on my daily calorie expenditure) throughout my training cycle.


On Sunday 23rd February, i won two gold medals at the Eastern Masters Indoor Athletics Championships!!

Surprisingly, the second gold was achieved at a time, much quicker than expected, due to the increased energy levels as a result of following the designated nutrition on the day.

I would recommend Polly and Lifestyle Diet Space based on my experience.

My energy levels have improved, my diet is much healthier, I have lost the desired 4lbs (equivalent of running with an extra two bags of sugar) and eating/drinking to help prevent previous injuries.

Oh and I have 2 Regional Gold medals!!!"