Module 5 - Motivation & Mindset

Mind over matter!

This is possibly the most important Module of all because if you don’t get your mindset right nothing will follow.  It’s good from the outset to focus not on how many pounds you would like to lose (or gain) but to focus on your desired outcome.

How will you look and feel?  How will your confidence and self esteem change?

Here are some tips to help you:

Be committed to the outcome:  Nothing will happen if you don’t make changes – so prepare yourself mentally for a lifestyle change

Learn healthier habits:  Eat more thoughtfully and exercise more.  Join a Gym or a Zoom Class, and if possible do it with a friend.

Change your diet gradually:  Don’t go mad in the early days.  Be especially careful with increases in your fibre intake.  Your systems will need time to adjust.

Be patient:  Sustainable weight loss takes time – but it will be worth it in the end!

Be consistent:  Try to stay on an even keel with your food intake and exercise output.

Don’t beat yourself up!:  If you fall off the wagon for a day or so it won’t make much difference long-term.  Just get back on the wagon!

Get good sleep

Prepare and cook nutritious food

Be inspired by others:  Look at Michelle Mone for example   

Mindset for fat loss

We will be publishing motivational infographics like this one regularly in the Members Facebook Group – so be sure to check in often!

Fallen off the wagon? Don't beat yourself up!

There is a human tendency for those counting calories to feel a sense of failure or guilt if they fall off the wagon.

The feelings of failure can result in people abandoning the ‘diet’ altogether and going back to their old ways and putting all the weight back that they have fought so hard to lose.

But this is not a logical response.

Imagine a person who is targetted at 2000 calories a day. Over the course of a year their target amounts to: 365 days x2000 cals = 730,000calories.

Imagine that every month they fall off the wagon and binge one day and eat an extra 1000 cals over target. This will amount to 12,000 calories extra over the year.

The additional calories are 12000/730000 x100% or an ‘overeat’ of 1.6%.

This is not the end of the world! In fact it is nigh on impossible to track your calories to that accuracy.

So if you fall off the wagon – don’t worry about it! Just get back on.