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lifestyle plan

Module 1

This module explains your personal energy calculation, energy target for fat loss, macro targets and a lot more!

macros and micros

Module 2

Everything you need to know about macros, micros and how they are vital to our survival. Learn about the hunger scale and gut-brain links.

your microbiome

Module 3

Your Microbiome is the very essence of you. It affects your mood, immune system , ability to lose weight and more.

weight loss tips

Module 4

How your body's overrriding need to survive affects your weight loss journey and things you need to do to suceed!

motivation and mindset

Module 5

If you are to implement lasting change to your lifestyle you need to know why you are doing it!. Check out our motivational tools in this section to keep you on track!


Module 6

As we all know water is essential to life but many of us don't drink enough. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay hydrated and lose water weight.

Module 7 Exercise

Module 7

Exercise is a vital part of lifestyle change to help you tone up and maintain a caloric deficit. Here we explain some exercise alternatives and why you might want to try them!

good sleep

Module 8

Good sleep is vital to your new lifestyle change. Here we explain the role sleep has to play in fat loss.

effects of hormones on weight loss

Module 9

You hormones can have a big effect on your weight loss journey. Here we explain why.

effects of stress

Module 10

We all need stress in our lives. It's the fight or flight response. But we don't want too much! Here we explain the effects of stress and how you can reduce it.

healthy recipes

Module 11

A library of calorie and macro counted recipes together with links to access a whole lot more.

Module 12

A module devoted to useful links to help your weight loss journey and read more on the subjects covered.

Downloads module


A library of pdf downloads for you to use and keep. Scroll down to see if there is anything to help you.