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Obesity - a Holistic Approach

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Obesity is a debilitating condition which make it’s harder for obese people to do the very thing they need to do – exercise!  In general it results from putting too many calories into your body compared to those that are burnt off.  Obesity has three basic causes:

Genetics for example Pradar Willi syndrome

Medical conditions

Non- medical causes.

To rule out genetic or medical causes (such as hyperthyroidism or Cushings syndrome) it is essential to consult your GP prior to consulting with us.

For those with a medical condition with proper treatment they should still be able to shed unwanted pounds with the right guidance.

For those with a non-medical cause we have noticed that obese people tend to:

Eat the wrong types of food – processed food or fast food

Eat too much

Eat too often

Eat too much sugar

Eat too many saturated fats

It’s important to understand the underlying reasons for being overweight.  These can include:

Psychological reasons:  these can result from deep unhappiness at a life event, bullying at school or in the work place, emotional loss, feelings of anxiety, sadness, stress and depression.

For those who can relate to a psychological cause we can use a combination of hypno and psychotherapies to uncover the real root cause and help to relieve it.

Family reasons: Obesity can become a learned condition.   What we mean by this is that obesity often runs in families and as an individual you have a need to follow the family way of doing things.  If this is you, then it’s important to find ways to ‘break the mould’ and become your own person.

We believe it important to learn as much about the ‘reasons why’ a Client is in the situation they are in.  During the Consultations we will undertake a careful audit of what you are eating/drinking and when.  (We need a food diary).  How much exercise you do etc.

We will then develop a plan of action with the Client designed to help you achieve your goals safely.

The plan could include, meal plans, exercise advice, and complementary therapies.

For the vast majority of people there is no reason why old self-defeating habits cannot be changed and a new way forward found to a better lifestyle.  But it does take commitment on the part of the patient.

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