Sally Peerless Pilates

About Sally

Sally is a fully qualified Pilates instructor with a strong pedigree in dance. She has a background in elite dance healthcare, and has worked with ballet students and dance professionals in London’s West End.

As an instructor she is a total professional and has the ability to develop great empathy with her Clients.  Her classes are never boring or dull because she keeps the class moving for the full hour.   She teaches all abilities either on Zoom or in her live classes.  

Visit Sally’s website to learn more or to sign up – you won’t regret it!!  Click the button below to visit Sally’s site or the image on the left.

Scroll down to see Sally’s taster video and knee strengthening exercises.

In this short taster video Sally explains that her training is designed for all  abilities and can be home-based or in the Studio (if you are in Sussex).  For a modest weekly subscription her Clients can access over 30 expertly made videos and her help.  Sally’s top quality training helps strengthen major muscle groups, your core and more! 

To learn more and sign up click the button below to visit Sally’s website.