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About Our Sports Nutrition Plans

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There are so many different types of sports activities out there. So how do we know what to eat and drink for our particular needs and body demands?  As a professional nutrition adviser we can help you achieve peak fitness whatever the demands of your sport.

Our plans will take into account a number of key factors to get the optimum plan for your needs:

Your particular body composition

How much energy you will be expending at any given training session

Training duration and frequency

Your rest periods

The timings and nutrition required after training to repair muscle and help reduce risk of injury

We will also look at your personal lifestyle, your time management, when you will train, what your personal goals are and what it will take to get there. We can set newcomers to sport or exercise on the best path day one. 

We will help you to start your journey in the healthiest way possible, and look at what you would particularly enjoy.

Why is Sports Nutrition so important?

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At the most basic level, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform the activity. The food you eat impacts on your strength, training, performance and recovery. Not only is the type of food important for sports nutrition, but the times we eat throughout the day also have an impact on our performance levels and your body’s ability to recover after an event or exercise.

Meals eaten before and after are the most important in sport nutrition, but you should really be looking at everything that you put in your body. As a general rule athletes should eat about 2 hours before training and this meal needs to be higher in complex carbohydrates, low in fats and low to moderate in protein depending on your personal type of sport or exercise.


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Most of us don’t eat the right kind of carbohydrates, especially fibre rich carbohydrate. These are not water soluble, meaning that the body is unable to digest them.  This means that your blood sugar levels will not spike suddenly, but will maintain a steady flow of energy to your body over a longer period.

Some good sources of the right carbohydrates include: vegetables such as carrots, butternut squash, and broccoli.  Fruits that are good sources include: bananas, pears, and apples.

Legumes are a great source of fibrous carbohydrates and also protein:  kidney beans and chickpeas.   (LINK TO CARB VIDEO)



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Fats the most energy dense of all the macronutrients.  They have overall double the energy of a gram of carbohydrate or protein. 

Fats need to be considered carefully in any programme for sport as they (along with the correct ratio of carbohydrate and protein) help the glycogen levels in the muscles to restore and more quickly recover after sports activities. Healthy sources are avocado and nuts. (VIDEO LINK)


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Essential for growth and repair of every cell in your body, and especially muscle tissue, protein also helps with the regulation of your metabolism, the production of hormones and keeping the immune system strong.

Good sources of healthy protein are: lean chicken, pulses and turkey.  (VIDEO)

Do I need sports supplements?

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Sports supplements are big business in the nutrition and sports industries.  They are very profitable and consequently heavily promoted.  But do athletes really need them? In a word: No!  The exception to this is if your Doctor has prescribed them.  If you are considering supplements do consult your Doctor first – they can have a negative effect on some prescription medicines and they can have side-effects.  (See Useful Links below).

The general advice in the nutrition industry is that they don’t provide an advantage if the diet itself is balanced and tailored to the individual. The only real advantage to some people is that they are convenient. Interestingly spinach is believed to aid muscle development – Popeye was right all along!

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