Stress Management

What is stress management?

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Stress management is primarily a talking therapy carried out in confidential one-to-one sessions.

We will take a detailed fact-find at the first meeting and devise a plan for future stress management sessions to suit individual need and personality type. It is never a case of ‘one size fits all’.

The strategy could involve suggestions for self-help exercises (for between- session work), dietary advice, and any additional therapies (eg hypnotherapy, reiki etc.) that would complement the stress management process. It could also involve exercise suggestions and referrals to self-help groups.

What is stress?

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The word stress derives from the arabic word stringere meaning to stretch.

Stress and the stress response are silent and unpredictable. Stress can involve feelings of constant pressure. It can also involve unwarranted or unrelieved tension.

When stress exceeds manageable limits your health is at risk and can deteriorate.

Types of stress

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The following are the key stress types:


Common symptoms are: low self esteem, fear of failure, phobias, inability to concentrate, embarrassing easily, panic attacks, worry about the future, lack of interest in personal appearance, pre-occupation with your own thoughts and forgetfulness.


Feeling anxious, crying for no apparent reason, feeling scared, depression, laughing at a high pitch, nervous tone of voice, feeling irritable, anger or violence, mood swings and swearing.


Perspiration, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, trembling, nervous ticks, dryness of throat and mouth, fatigue, sleeping problems, butterflies, headaches, pain in lower back or neck, loss of appetite/over-eating, weakened immune response, skin problems, hair loss.

An overly stressed human body can take 6 months to 2 years to manifest as a real problem. It can result in serious, possibly life threatening disease.

The Good News!

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The good news is that by identifying the key issues and working through them diligently as a team, it is possible to effect real and lasting lifestyle change.

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