Unique Weight Loss Membership Club

  • Have you tried the big slimming clubs and failed?
  • Have you lost weight only to put it back again?
  • Do you know why you could be carrying water weight and not know it?
  • We’ll show you how and why it went wrong.  We’ll teach you weight loss from the ground up!

We’ll show you that sustainable weight loss can be yours – if you follow a few simple rules.

Designed by Polly Lancaster – a qualified nutritional adviser this unique program explains all the factors that can affect your weight loss journey.

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Simple 3-step plan: What you get…

Click the images below to see what’s included in each part.

get started

Learn about Nutrition, Macros and Micros, the key factors that affect your weight and what simple changes you can make to kick off your successful weight loss journey. Click the image to see a full list of topics.

keep going

This section is devoted to mindset, motivation, the effect of your hormones and a whole lot more! Everything you need to keep your weight loss on track. Click the image to see the list of topics.

Embrace your new lifestyle

By now you will have learned about all the factors that affect your weight and how to overcome them. This section includes healthy recipes, helpful downloads and more. Click the image to see the topics. Time for a new lifestyle!