Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Debbie's Story

Firstly before I begin, I need to apologise if this review turns out to be War and Peace. I grew up with an alcoholic mum who always told me that I was fat. Needless to say over the years, I developed a self-loathing of myself and up until this year 2020, could never bear to look at myself fully in a full length mirror.

Having got to a stage in my life where I found myself suffering from body image issues, affecting every corner of my life I got to the point where I’d had enough! I wanted to be that person who could eat what they wanted without piling the pounds on or worrying about losing weight.

My weight issue was on my mind 24/7 and I was sick of it. I wanted to be that person who could walk into a shop, pick something off the peg and feel happy about myself wearing it. I’d hidden myself away for most of my life.

For the last 6 years or so I have suffered terribly with intestinal problems which I put down to stress or anxiety. However, I was diagnosed this year as being wheat intolerant along with a whole host of other foods that I was intolerant to, that I was eating on a daily basis and now I faced the prospect of completely overhauling my diet and nutrition.

Fast forward to July 2020 when I saw an advert for Lifestyle Diet Space on Facebook and I wanted to find out more. When I had my initial consultation with Polly I felt at ease with her from the start, almost like I’d known her for years, little did I know then how much my life would change in such a short space of time.

I told Polly that I needed to deal with my underlying mental health issues surrounding food and my past before I could even think about nutrition. It was then, that she mentioned Ray was a hypnotherapist. By this point in my life I was willing to give anything a try.

I need not have worried, Ray was like a friend from the start and at my first session, he put me straight at ease. Whatever nerves I had about the process were dissipated right from the start, as he talked through the session, so I knew exactly what to expect (and no, it’s nothing like you see on the TV, he didn’t have me running around pretending I was a chicken!).

Hypnotherapy was like no other therapy I had ever experienced before.

Ray spent an enormous amount of time before each session, planning and thinking about what was best for me and what I wanted to achieve from this therapy. I felt like he totally had my best interests at heart, which made all the difference.

Around session 2 or 3 I was sent some information from Ray and Polly about intuitive eating.

I read this information several times and became extremely interested in the concept of it. It actually made sense! I decided that this was going to be the way forward for me, and my plans of “wanting to eat like a normal person” and I have whole-heartedly taken onboard, every piece of information about this that Ray and Polly have sent to me.

I had four hypnotherapy sessions in total and I can honestly say that it has changed my life.

I have adopted a new outlook on life and about myself and how I look. Taking on board the intuitive eating and no longer having to worry about what I’m eating is so liberating!

I also no longer worry about how I am viewed by other people, or if they think I’m fat!

I’ve learnt that the person I see in the mirror is only my perception and that other people see me differently. To top it off, in the 7/8 weeks that I have been intuitively eating I have lost over a stone in weight.

I honestly cannot believe that I have eaten virtually anything I have wanted and that the weight is coming off naturally because I am listening to my body rather than stuffing my face with three square meals a day. The liberation I feel at never having to set foot in a diet club again is amazing!

My only regret is that I never met Ray and Polly 30 years ago. Saying that, I now have two new lifelong friends, who I can never thank enough for what they have done for me.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Every day and in every way, I’m getting better and better!”

5 Star Review from Debbie M.