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What do we mean by going on a diet?

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For many of us the word ‘diet’ is associated with feelings of deprivation and hunger. We are constantly bombarded with promotions for diets on television, in the media, in pharmacies and in the supermarkets. To make matters worse there are so many ‘diets’ out there that it has become a confusing minefield.

There is a sense that to be on a ‘diet’ and lose weight you have to give something up that you like for a period in order to reach some weight goal. Mentally this is the wrong attitude and the reason why diets fail. The mind-set is about losing something you value and is negative from the beginning.

We should not be thinking about the negatives of losing something, but the positive benefits of achieving lasting lifestyle change.  The weight loss will follow.  It is lifestyle change which should be the goal.

It’s interesting to note that the word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek word ‘dieta’ which actually means ‘way of life’ or lifestyle.

Time for a change of thinking

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If we take the time to adjust to a new eating plan and exercise regime we are more likely to sustain this new way of living for life. It has been scientifically proven that to break old habits and create new ones takes up to 21 days. By taking this time you are less likely to suffer possible side effects, such as headaches, altered bowel movements, mood changes, or skin issues.

We are, as they say, ‘creatures of habit’ and this means that not only does our subconscious take time to adjust, but also the amazing internal physiology of our body.

It is also essential to get at least 7-8 hours of good sleep per night, preferably in a cool bedroom as this will help to boost your metabolism.  Regular exercise should become part of your routine.  (See the ‘Exercise’ part of this website)  You should also resolve to drink more water.

How we help you

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At our practice, we will always make sure that each and every food plan is bespoke to the individual seeking our advice.

We will look at your food likes/dislikes, family dynamics, type of work and working hours, any issues that could throw you off the course of your journey, also use a variation of stress management techniques. We will also take a thorough medical consultation, looking at any currently diagnosed health issues, and medications.

We will ask you to complete a detailed synopsis of a typical daily intake of food, snacks and drinks, including timing of the aforementioned, before your consultation. Also if we deem it necessary for any reason, you will be asked to see your GP.

Why is obesity growing?


A final word: you can’t help but notice the numerous articles about the growing levels of obesity in this country, and all over the World.

What is particularly worrying is that children are increasingly affected.

The cause is not necessarily just about over-eating, but about eating the wrong foods (like highly processed foods) at the wrong times.

A lot of obese people have been found to have an over-abundance of bad gut bacteria which reduces the good gut bacteria to worryingly low levels.

For healthy weight levels it is essential to look at gut health, because this is what can cause cravings for certain foods eg sugar, and fats. Please read gastro intestinal disorders. (LINK)

What we will do for you

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Take a full lifestyle and diet brief with reference to past issues, like and dislikes etc.

Prepare a nutrition plan with meal plans designed to effect lasting change.

Monitor progress and provide moral support.

Help you with carefully designed recipes and cooking tips.

For personal private weight management check out our Prices Here.

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